Thursday, November 3, 2011


we were at the library the other day.

(i love the library.  they have TONS of toys and i can let my children run rampant in a contained area while i read and sort of keep an eye on them.  plus it's air-conditioned.  which, in phoenix, is a huge plus.)

i'm sitting there absorbed in my book watching my children, of course, because i'm super responsible like that and i love nothing more than to gaze upon them for hours on end while they amuse themselves and eat the library's trains.

"excuse me?"

i didn't hear him at first because i was so focused on my book my kids, but once i realized i was being addressed i looked up to see a sandy-haired little boy staring pointedly at me.

"they're arguing with me."  he told me, sounding miffed, and waited expectantly for a response.


he pointed over to the train table, where tesla was gathering some trains into a pile and desmond was attempting to digest the remainder of them.

"those babies are arguing with me."  he repeated.

the indignity.

i stifled a laugh.  "sweetheart, those babies can't talk.  i think they're probably not arguing with you."

he crossed his arms.  "well they are and i'm FOUR."

"oh you are?  that's so neat, are you in school?"  i steered the conversation away from the arguing babies and we talked for a little bit about his school and his friends.  then he frowned.

"why are all these babies here?" he demanded, gesticulating wildly at the supposed preponderance of infants.  "this is supposed to be for big kids to play, not babies."

again i covered a smirk.  "well, they just wanted to play for a little bit, do you think that would be okay?"

he considered my request for a moment.

"okay," he sighed.  "but only for two hours."  he glared at me and i hastily accepted his conditions, promising him that we would not stay for more than two hours.   ;)

ah, children.  such an unwitting wellspring of humor.