Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lazy Post

I'm too tired to think of anything to say right now.  But here are some pictures.  (all of lovely phone-quality, of course)   :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I picked a really really good bag of Marshmallow Mateys this time.  The marshmallow-to-matey ratio is perfect.  I don't want it to end.

Tesla has a doctor's appointment today, and I have one tomorrow.  I'll update you if anything interesting happens.  Like if either of us pees on one of the nurses.

Still haven't gotten my first trimester bloodwork done.  Maybe they'll never notice.

For some reason, our electricity bill is SIXTY DOLLARS higher than what it should be this month.  Last month it was $20 above what we expected.  I was suspicious, but I paid it and let it slide.  I used the air conditioner less the next month and was extra careful to keep the lights off unless necessary.

So this month it's up another $40???  Impossible.  Where the heck is it going?  We don't have a tv, and we don't even use our dishwasher.  I am more than a little ticked off at the Provo City Power Company.

Silas is out of town on a camping trip.  I always think that when he's gone I'll pamper myself and watch all these girly chick-flicks that he would hate....but the truth is, I'm not really that into movies.  I get bored 15-20 minutes in. So I''m reading a lot and trying not to go the grocery store every few hours.

I do my makeup every day.  Even if I'm not going into public and won't be seeing Silas.  (Although he would actually prefer it if I didn't wear makeup.  Too bad.)  Not that I think I'm desperately ugly without it. I just like it.

Ironically though, I have no qualms about going to the store in my sweats or wearing the same clothes 4 or 5 days in a row.  Especially if I'm pregnant.  Heck, you should be eternally grateful that I'm even wearing clothes.  Your mind isn't equipped to deal with that kind of trauma.

My camera has been taking really crappy pictures lately.  It is about 6 years old....perhaps it is dying of camera cancer.  I used to be able to get sharp(ish) pictures as long as the light was okay.  Now they're all grainy and dull.

But look how cute.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

23 Weeks

I know, I know...my fashion sense is unparalleled. 

Let me introduce you to the pink sweats that I wear almost every day!  (I wear my grey sweats when they are in the wash.  Because I'm clean like that.)

Today at church I was in line for the bathroom talking to a girl (Jenny) that's due in September, and this lady looked at us and said, "Wow, you both look pretty far along!  How much do you have left?"

Jenny replied, "Six weeks!"  The woman smiled and nodded, then looked at me.

"Four months," I admitted.  And then she almost had a heart attack.  I escaped into an empty stall before she could ask if I was having twins.

Seriously, you should have seen her face.  It was priceless.  

Ah, well.  I have a doctor's appointment week after next, and I'm sure he or she will confirm once again that I am not having twins, and then lecture me about reining myself in because I'm gaining weight too quickly.  

I'm so excited!!!!


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Today I am Thankful...

...for independent playtime.  It comes in handy when you need to get something done.  And on those days when you feel worn out and lonely and apathetic and you ate too much chocolate and you have no cute clothes and your baby spent 90 minutes of his afternoon nap playing instead of sleeping so now he's cranky...it's nice then, too.

And as much as I love this baby and enjoy spending my days with him....

His brother is making me tired today.

So I'm also thankful that the T-bomber goes to bed at 5:30.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Cake Boss

They say that the average American eats his weight in sugar each year.

I'm pretty sure I'm an exception to that statistic.

In fact, I'm almost positive I can consume twice my weight in sugar in a a year. 


Baby Likes Pancakes

A few months ago Tesla started refusing purees, so I've gotten lazy about feeding him "solids"/normal food.  Initially I wasn't quite sure how to go about it, but I started letting him try things and figured we'd go from there.

He loves strong flavors, and isn't a huge fan of blander foods (with the exception of rice cakes).  He loves things like lemons, oranges, pineapple, roasted garlic-lemon broccoli (a bit surprising), and especially tinga (a mexican recipe, kind of a spicy shredded chicken).

He doesn't like oatmeal.

He'll eat a few bites unenthusiastically, but when I offer him a spoonful he gives me a knowing smirk, like, 'For reals?"

I decided to get creative (well, not really) and try to make him some pancakes.  I left out the butter and sugar and eggs and made them with whole wheat flour, oats, applesauce and/or mashed banana, and some cinnamon.  I wasn't sure if he'd like them, but

he is a fan!

They also make a good snack for church.  :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

A New Man

Silas has undergone a transformation.

After winter semester finals reached their conclusion at the end of April,  he began to grow The Beard.

Although it is a source of great pride to every man, the Shaggy look eventually gets itchy.  And hot.  And irritating.

So it was declared that the hair must come off.  I made him endure a mini photo shoot to document the process.

Here we see the grizzly bear with his (bald) cub

 In transition (creeper Tesla in the background)

 The 'stache

And at last, the end product.

That's a good-lookin' man.

Now, I know it's annoying but I have to take the time to give a shout-out of gratitude to Si.  

He's working about 90 hours this week (and I'm not exaggerating this time...I counted his hours and from Monday-Sunday is 91.  Plus or minus 3 or 4 hours, because I can't remember exactly how many he worked on Monday).  And he doesn't complain.  I mean I know he likes his job, but come on.  If it were me, there would be a good amount of whining involved.

So, I know you don't read this, but thanks Silas.  We really (really really) appreciate you.

And now a word from our resident pirate.


Thanks for that, Tesla.

Friday, July 9, 2010

"I'm growing in front of you!"

(name that movie)

19 weeks, peeps!  Hopefully we'll have the 20 wk ultrasound within a week or two.  (I was distracted when I was talking to the receptionist today and accidentally scheduled it during T's naptime, so I'll have to call them Monday.)

And sorry for being so whiny in the last post.  It was just one of those days.  All is well.

In other news, the clinic I go to moved to a new building and it's super nice!  Fancy schmancy.  The other building was probably 60 years old, with quaint (read: tacky) paintings and floral wallpaper.  The new building is sleek and modern, all clean lines and pristine glass and Mac computers.  The waiting room is done in an inviting bright green and white, and reminds me of an IKEA living room.  I like it way much.

Also I conveniently "forgot" to get my lab work done (hey, I haven't been to the doctor in 11 weeks....I really did forget) and the nurse didn't say anything about it.  Ha.  But I'm supposed to get a pap smear done near the end of my pregnancy.  :(  Maybe I can opt out.  Just kidding.  (A little.)

I'll have to post about my bread triumph next time.  It's probably the best thing that's happened to me all week.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Not. Happy.

This is how I feel right now.

Why?  Let me show you.

18 weeks pregnant with nameless baby of unknown gender

 36 WEEKS pregnant with Tesla

Okay.  So I know I'm obviously a bit bigger at 36 weeks.  But they are comparable.  PEOPLE.  18 weeks.  Not thrilled with the growth here. 

(In case you think I'm exaggerating and just being a baby, I can tell you that I look identical to what I was at around 30 weeks last time.  I'm not going to post the picture for comparison because it's a bare-belly one and I'm not really a fan of people seeing my tummy.  Just sayin.)

I know it's for the baby and I know it will all come off, etc, etc.  BUT.  This had better be a really big baby.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Little Man

I was cleaning up some things in the kitchen the other day, and when I walked by Tesla's room, this is what I saw.

He was pleased to have found his toy bins.  I keep forgetting that he can get into things now.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Leftover WIN!

One tip that I always encounter for making your food go farther is to find "creative" ways to use your leftovers. 

Up till now, my creativity only extended to the reheat button on the microwave.  But, on this epic Friday, I actually branched out.  (A bit.)

Since Silas is gone for a couple weeks, our fridge is filling up with Tupperware containers of leftovers.  Part of it is from before he left.  And part of it stems from the fact that when I'm bored, I don an apron.

Silas usually takes leftovers to work or at least helps me eat them.  Tesla isn't really much use, although he did eat some of the hummus today with his rice cakes. 

So today, I open the fridge.  There are two problems:

(1) there is no more room for me to store all the meals I make out of boredom

(2) all of our Tupperware is currently sitting in the fridge.  There is nothing for me to even store the food in.

One of the biggest issues is a huge bowl of quinoa tabbouleh. 

I made it a week or so ago and have been reluctant to eat it because in spite of all the herbs and extra ingredients I enthusiastically added...it tastes like nothing.  I don't want to throw it out, but it is taking up our biggest bowl.

I've been dutifully eating it, bit by bit, adding cumin and hot sauce to make it more palatable.  But I know there has to be a better way.

And then it hits me.  A quesadilla!  Or a tabbouleh-dilla.

Since I don't want to use any queso, I search the fridge for something to replace the cheese.  Something creamy and spreadable.

Perfect!  Leftover spinach hummus, which, by itself, is not too exciting.  It needs more salt, more garlic, and a few tablespoons of lemon juice.  (I was out when I made it.)

Although each food was, by itself, quite bland, they combined to make a (REALLY REALLY) tasty "quesadilla". 

I didn't expect much, but this is something I will absolutely eat again.  Of my own volition.  Leftover win.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's Tuesday.

Robin and Leland and Abby came over yesterday.  Tesla was fascinated by Leland.  He crawled over to him and stopped and stared for a minute. 

Then he leaned in...closer...closer....

and touched his head to Leland's. 

Thankfully, Leland is good-natured and didn't mind Tesla's lack of understanding regarding personal boundaries. 
Tesla, of course, loves to eat.  He really likes things with a sour/tart taste; especially lemons, pineapple, and nectarines.  He loves to watch us chop vegetables and fruits and cracks up laughing every time the knife hits the cutting board. 

chomping down on a cantaloupe


 T's favorite things include being in the nude and "walking."  Especially combined.

Behold, the nightly ritual.  He enjoys parading his naked buns to the bath.  

 Check out those little buttcheeks and the eight rolls of skin on his back.....   :)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Words of Encouragement

About a week ago, Silas biked 100 miles in the Tour de Cure to raise funds for the American Diabetes Association.  He did marvelously.  I would not like to bike 100 miles.

After his ride, there was a barbecue at his coworker/fellow crazy-biker-friend's house.  I was feeding Tesla and someone asked me how far apart he and the baby would be.  I said 12 or 13 months.

She said something like, "Oh, my friend had her boys close like that, thinking they would be best friends.  It turns out that the kids can hardly stand each other, it's been really hard."

Wow, thanks.  I feel so much better now. 


Here's T-bone.  :)

 eating a rice cake

and some peach slices

super excited to be grocery shopping  :)
 trying to climb up the couch.  he was laughing so hard he kept falling.  something about my face....  :)
playing on the floor while i cook

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Today I am grateful for a husband who understands when I've reached my limit. 

I think it might take a little shock therapy to get me through the rest of the evening.  Fingers crossed for a sugar coma.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Goodbye, May. Take your cold weather with you.

If you made it through the previous long-winded and rather anticlimactic post, I congratulate you.