hey.  i'm heather.

i'm a twenty-something who loves food, reading (my current record is 50 books in 6 months), and blog-stalking people i don't know.

i don't like to capitalize.  sorry if that offends you.  

i stress-bake (and stress-eat.  we'll talk about that sometime).

i have two boys, tesla and desmond.  they're 13 months apart.   this picture depicts the idyllic nature of our life perfectly.

oh, wait.  actually it's this one.

this is silas.  we've been married for 4 1/2 years.

(the half counts.)

apparently i have no recent pictures of him.   currently he has short hair and no mustache.

he's in podiatry school.

this is sirius.  he is a dog.

and this is my favorite picture of myself:

although silas' jaw-span is a lot more impressive.

thanks for reading.  feel free to introduce yourself!  i'm probably reading your blog, too.


  1. Haha I stumbled on your blog through the Jennifer Lawrence doppelgänger post...

    I must say, I salute your humour and cupcakes!

    Best, L