Thursday, December 20, 2012

figuring out my hair

so, now that i've had four days to get used to the cut, i think i can officially say that i'm happy with my hair.


the first day i had it cut, i felt amazing.  liberated, beautiful, awesome.

then i woke up the next morning, took a look at myself in the mirror and had my first "what did i just do" moment.  day 2 i was pretty iffy.  i didn't like how layered the back was--it was giving off a serious "mom hair" vibe.  (no offense, all other moms with hair.)  on day 2 i decided to cut it shorter and booked an appointment for saturday.

on day 3 i was still adjusting, but liking my cut more.  getting sort of bored of the "down and straight" look i'd been sporting.

day 4, i figured out a new way to style it,

no curling iron or straightener necessary.  add a little product, et voila.  blast it with a hair dryer for a minute if you want extra volume.

and decided that instead of cutting it even shorter, i was going to give it a month or two to let the back layers grow out a bit.  i cancelled my saturday appointment and vowed to buy some more cute headbands and stalk pixie-haired youtubers for styling inspiration.

desmond. my other hair muse.

i'm not really hair-savvy, but i know that having longer layers in the front gives me some room to play.  so i'm going to try to come up with some fun ways to style it.  ideas are welcome!

in the meantime, here's my slick look.


(i did not go out in public like this.)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


so you know how a while ago i was obsessing over pixie cuts? never stopped.  i continued to (not-so) secretly obsess.  i spent hours poring over every picture i could find, watching youtube videos of girls getting their hair chopped off, and basically psyching myself up for it.

i was still iffy until about a week ago.  i had all the usual would make my face look chubby, i would have a tiny head on a huge body, i'd look like a boy...and then, suddenly, i booked a hair appointment.

"so what do you want to do today?"  she asked as i walked in.

i grinned.  "short.  i want it short."

she looked a little hesitant.  i pulled out my laptop, showed her my pictures, and then sat down in the chair.  "cut it off!" i commanded.

hair can be an emotional thing.  i hid behind mine for years.

i wouldn't have had the confidence to do this in high school.  (and quite honestly, i didn't think i ever would.)

but i've come a long way in 5 years.

my hair was getting boring, so i decided to get rid of it.

and here's the shocker:

i didn't cry.  i didn't freak out.

i loved it.

(i know it's not reeaally a pixie, i wasn't quite brave enough to go emma watson style yet.  i am considering it though.)

you guys...whether or not you actually like it, i'm so proud of myself.


have a lovely week.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

hello my loves.

sorry it's been a while.  (you're not really surprised though, are you?)  :)

a lengthier post to come soon.  but for now, look what silas brought back from oregon!

ye olde trooper. (a.k.a. "daddy's big twuck!")

  i love it.  we are the same age.

we are so grateful to have another car.  it's in great condition and it was such a blessing for us.

i want to drive it around everywhere because i think it's basically the coolest car i've ever seen (i love cars with character!).

but it's a stick shift.

a few weeks ago when we were at my parent's house for dinner, silas made me back the troop-troop out of the driveway.

it was an event to behold.  much laughter ensued.  (but i got the dang thing out, okay??)

and in other news...

silas shaved his beard!

the end.  rock on, beautiful people.