Monday, February 25, 2013

at last...

hello loves.  i'm going to be making my blog private in a few days, so if you want to keep reading, please email me at so i can send you an invite.

i think that's how it works.  we'll see.  haha.


other stuff

the other morning i came into the kitchen to find tesla like this.

i was informed that he was making lemon cookies.  he sawed a lemon in half (i stepped in to supervise/assist right after i walked in and saw that huge knife in his hand), squeezed it into the bowl, and then dumped in some 9-grain cereal.  mmm.  tasty.

he was really set on having cookies though, so i promised him that we'd make some after he and D took their baths.  we ended up making chocolate chip cookies (for breakfast).  i was ready to make lemon but he changed his mind and decided chocolate chip sounded better.  can't blame him.

i love desmond's posture in this picture.

we found some kipper books at the library (not pictured) and the boys were THRILLED.  thrilled, i tell you.  they adore kipper.  so much so that i've been informed by several people that the boys sometimes speak with british accents.  (it's very amusing.)

the boys are finally getting to the age where craft projects might be in our foreseeable future.  i let them paint the other day and they loved it.  it actually occupied them for around 20 minutes, too, which is about 16 minutes longer than the last time we tried it.  



the final products 

and in other, very exciting news...the subaru keeps breaking down so i have been forced to learn to drive a stick shift.  i am proud to announce that today, i drove the troopacabra* to the grocery stores and home without any mishaps, tickets, or maiming of pedestrians!

ye olde troopacabra.  i feel so legit driving it around.

what's new with you?


*a while back we nicknamed the trooper "the troopacabra" (see chupacabra), and now that's what the boys call it every. time.  "where's daddy's troopacabra?  you gonna drive the troopacabra mommy?  we go ride in the troopacabra and see the snow**?"

**they're obsessed with snow, even though we don't get any here.  we're going to have to take a trip up to flagstaff during break so they can see some.

pixie cut--two month update

so...two months, no trims.  i've definitely hit the awkward "what in the world do i do with it" phase.  today i straightened it for the first time since i got it cut so i thought i'd post the comparison pics.

...and the other side.

now people, he honest with me.  do i, or do i not, have a mullet??  i want to give it at least another month before i trim it (mostly because i don't know what to trim it into...i don't want to just cut it all off and lose the last 2 months of growth), but i fear we are entering mullet territory.

i would also like to get my bangs trimmed (considering trying to do it myself, armed with nothing but a pair of cheap scissors and some youtube tutorials) and my hair dyed to match the roots that are coming in (which i will not do myself; i've had too many bad experiences).

when it's not straightened, it doesn't look quite so mullety.  but i'm having issues with the back (longest part) of my hair so i'm thinking it may be time to trim it into a very short bob.  or something.

pictures and ideas welcome.

that's really all i have to say about that.