Sunday, May 5, 2013

and i cannot lie

this morning, i was trying to get ready (and the boys were, of course, following me around like shadows).  there is always a running commentary.

"mommy, is that you mascara?"

"mommy, i can hold you mascara?"

"mommy, makeup is not for boys.  it's for glurls!"

"...mommy, you a glurl?"

"mommy, desmond hit me!  he hit me with two hands!"

and today, when i was getting dressed, desmond made another observation.

"mommy, is that you big bum?"

yes. yes it is.

thank you for that.

unrelated picture

i hope you're having a pleasant weekend.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

quick one

i have some (a lot of) laundry to fold and i'm hearing raucous cackling from the boys' bedroom so my time is limited.  but i wanted to pop in and post a picture of triumph.

the art of the tease has always eluded me (on so many levels...), and although i discovered the concept of french braiding my bangs quite a while ago, i've never been able to master it.  so yesterday my friend portia was kind enough to give me and leanne a mini tutorial on these two techniques.  and like any good student, i put my new skills into practice today.

1.  i know i look super uncomfortable.  (and also like i am 13 years old) silas hates this face.  he was going through a bunch of pictures the other day and said, "why do you always make that face??"  it's my "fake smiling is awkward and makes my eyes squinty but my 'normal' face looks angry so here's an uncomfortable compromise" face.  and yes, looking at it makes me cringe a little.

2.  it's difficult to tease and style your hair when some of your layers are too short to cover the teased portion.  but i was not to be deterred.

3.  bobby pin count: 7

4.  that is not spit up on my shirt.  it is the dirty mirror that i cleaned 2 days ago.

5.  one of the reasons (aside from my apparently unabashed narcissism) that i post so many hair pictures is that there isn't a ton of help/ideas out there for hair this short/growing pixie cuts.  scanning through pictures of styles i've attempted helps me when i'm in an "i hate my hair" rut, so maybe someone else will one day find them useful.

6.  the raucous cackling has turned to crying, so that's my cue to sign off.  peace and love.