Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I picked a really really good bag of Marshmallow Mateys this time.  The marshmallow-to-matey ratio is perfect.  I don't want it to end.

Tesla has a doctor's appointment today, and I have one tomorrow.  I'll update you if anything interesting happens.  Like if either of us pees on one of the nurses.

Still haven't gotten my first trimester bloodwork done.  Maybe they'll never notice.

For some reason, our electricity bill is SIXTY DOLLARS higher than what it should be this month.  Last month it was $20 above what we expected.  I was suspicious, but I paid it and let it slide.  I used the air conditioner less the next month and was extra careful to keep the lights off unless necessary.

So this month it's up another $40???  Impossible.  Where the heck is it going?  We don't have a tv, and we don't even use our dishwasher.  I am more than a little ticked off at the Provo City Power Company.

Silas is out of town on a camping trip.  I always think that when he's gone I'll pamper myself and watch all these girly chick-flicks that he would hate....but the truth is, I'm not really that into movies.  I get bored 15-20 minutes in. So I''m reading a lot and trying not to go the grocery store every few hours.

I do my makeup every day.  Even if I'm not going into public and won't be seeing Silas.  (Although he would actually prefer it if I didn't wear makeup.  Too bad.)  Not that I think I'm desperately ugly without it. I just like it.

Ironically though, I have no qualms about going to the store in my sweats or wearing the same clothes 4 or 5 days in a row.  Especially if I'm pregnant.  Heck, you should be eternally grateful that I'm even wearing clothes.  Your mind isn't equipped to deal with that kind of trauma.

My camera has been taking really crappy pictures lately.  It is about 6 years old....perhaps it is dying of camera cancer.  I used to be able to get sharp(ish) pictures as long as the light was okay.  Now they're all grainy and dull.

But look how cute.


  1. Electricity is insane. When we lived in Provo it would get to about $25 in the summer. Last month here...$200!!!!! And we turn our A/C and every appliance off ALL day while we're gone, we don't have TV, and we use our dishwasher at night.

    This place is a rip off.

  2. $200?!? that is ridiculous. freakin' ridiculous, if i may. scam artists.

  3. My camera is suddenly taking fuzzy pictures too. AND I just whined about it on my blog as well.

  4. lorinda--

    i just saw that! maybe there's some sort of camera collaboration going on. i don't know why they're suddenly all fuzzy and grainy.

    also....wes is 21?? that's crazy. i keep thinking he and andrew and brendan are like 18. but andrew just turned 20.

    although i suppose i am 21. it always sounded so old and mature and cool when i was younger. i don't feel old or mature or cool at all. i feel very young. i think that having children is part of it. i look at myself and think, "You're not old enough to have kids!"

    other people must look at me and think that, too. a couple months ago a guy asked me if this was my first baby (motioning to my tummy), and i laughed and said, "No, it's my second."

    his exact words:

    "Your second??? You're 16!"

    i told him i was older than i looked...but not much.


  5. Well I feel ya'll's pain - but our electricity bill is the highest it's ever been in the world! Let's just say it's not $600. Yet. Aargh!! What is up??

    And, BTW, I thought you were using that prepaid phone you bought for your regular phone. What happened to it? I have noticed your pix aren't as great.

    Also, BTW, LOVE the photos of dad and son! So cute!!

  6. what do you mean? i am using the prepaid phone. my other phone is broken. the pictures were taken with my digital camera, which might be on it's last legs (lens?) haha.

  7. OHHH Heather. I am so glad you started a blog. You're hilarious and extremely entertaining. Please do let me know if you pee on a nurse. It would make my day!

  8. haha robin maybe i should have peed on the doctor during tesla's delivery.

    me: "silas, can you tell him not to cut the cord until--"

    doctor cuts in: "we don't do that here."

    me: [pees on him] "oh, okay then."


  9. Ahhh hahahahah! That would have made my year!