Saturday, December 15, 2012

hello my loves.

sorry it's been a while.  (you're not really surprised though, are you?)  :)

a lengthier post to come soon.  but for now, look what silas brought back from oregon!

ye olde trooper. (a.k.a. "daddy's big twuck!")

  i love it.  we are the same age.

we are so grateful to have another car.  it's in great condition and it was such a blessing for us.

i want to drive it around everywhere because i think it's basically the coolest car i've ever seen (i love cars with character!).

but it's a stick shift.

a few weeks ago when we were at my parent's house for dinner, silas made me back the troop-troop out of the driveway.

it was an event to behold.  much laughter ensued.  (but i got the dang thing out, okay??)

and in other news...

silas shaved his beard!

the end.  rock on, beautiful people.