Tuesday, June 1, 2010

On Entertainment

Back in The Day ("The Day" here referring to an ambiguous time in the past, probably near or after the domestication of cats but definitely before the arrival of YouTube), if one was having a bad day, one had
very few options to induce a mood reversal.

Women could not merely look up the latest episode of Man V. Food on Netflix

or drive to the mall to wander amidst alluringly perfumed cosmetics and hair products, promising beauty and happiness for a price.  They also did not have access to underwire bras.  The Day was a dark time.

In short, ancient women had at most two options for quick entertainment: their husbands or their children.

Since their husbands were usually off exercising their testosterone-given rights to grow bushy beards and hunt down fearsome beasts,

the lot of entertainment usually fell to the wee ones.

Luckily, children are perfect for entertainment.  In fact, they usually provide their parents with ample amusement without even trying.  Ancient parents recorded these moments on the walls of caves.

Modern parents also like to document these moments, usually in the form of pictures or videos (which they then upload onto the aforementioned YouTube site).

This can sometimes backfire if the child then becomes the next "YouTube phenomenon", an occurrence in which millions of people view, share, and laugh at the video, causing the death of the child's social life and future career hopes.  A new life can be made, however, if the child's family relocates to another country.  Preferably one without internet access.

Thankfully, I have been born into the latter, more technologically advanced age, so rather than scar the human population with any more hand-drawn gems, I shall provide more colorful entertainment captured with cell phones.

Oh the magic.

I can see him hunting fearsome beasts, though.

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  1. He is so going to hunt fearsome beasts with his daddy!