Saturday, June 19, 2010

Words of Encouragement

About a week ago, Silas biked 100 miles in the Tour de Cure to raise funds for the American Diabetes Association.  He did marvelously.  I would not like to bike 100 miles.

After his ride, there was a barbecue at his coworker/fellow crazy-biker-friend's house.  I was feeding Tesla and someone asked me how far apart he and the baby would be.  I said 12 or 13 months.

She said something like, "Oh, my friend had her boys close like that, thinking they would be best friends.  It turns out that the kids can hardly stand each other, it's been really hard."

Wow, thanks.  I feel so much better now. 


Here's T-bone.  :)

 eating a rice cake

and some peach slices

super excited to be grocery shopping  :)
 trying to climb up the couch.  he was laughing so hard he kept falling.  something about my face....  :)
playing on the floor while i cook


  1. haha! Love the pics! BTW I had my kids close and all 3 are best friends, but then we told them growing up that they were each others best friends : )

  2. my brother and I are 18 months apart and we're best buds!!! not to worry!!!!!! Tesla is adorable as always by the way!

  3. p.s. way to go Silas!!! Did he do it on our old roadie?

  4. haha i think so! he said that some old man in the race made a comment about his bike as he passed him ;)

    he loves having a road bike, though, so many thanks to you guys.

    p.s. your pictures (as always) are gorgeous. australia looks beautiful! even in the winter. what's it like living there?

    i want to live somewhere where the weather will permit me to walk everywhere year-round, and where i can go to local markets for produce. the farmers market in provo has been sadly disappointing thus far. every week i go to find an abundance of crafts and empanadas and no vegetables. :/ but it's something to do, so i'll keep frequenting it.