Friday, December 16, 2011

belated birthdays

Tesla turned 2.

and silas finished his first quarter of podiatry school!

We made him a sign.

Desmond turned 1.

We made him cupcakes.

The boys are big fans of the candle-blowing ritual.  After Tesla figured out what to do, he had us re-light his cupcake candle 4 or 5 times so he could blow it out before we called time and made him eat it.

They got bikes/trikes for their respective birthdays.  They like them very much.

hell's angels.

Oh, you noticed the pacifier (and the smoothie on T's face)?  Fine.  So, as you may know, neither of the boys had much of an affinity for pacifiers in their youth.  However, one day when he was around 19/20 months old, Tesla found a pacifier and decided it was his new best friend.  It seemed fairly harmless and I found his sudden attachment rather endearing (not to mention convenient), so the paci stayed.  For a while.

A few months ago, we I decided to ditch the pacis.  And after much weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth, Tesla accepted his bleak fate.  

Fast-forward to a few weeks ago.  Desmond has begun sucking on his fingers.  His poor hand is all red and chapped, so in a fit of genius I decide to go buy a couple more pacifiers.  I would rather have him hooked on a pacifier (which can easily be thrown away) than his fingers (which, barring invasive and costly surgery, cannot be removed).  

However, while Desmond (unfortunately) remains indifferent to pacifiers, Tesla (unfortunately) does not.  So it's back.  For a while. 

At least until we come back from South Dakota in January.  Having a pacifier-friendly baby is a mighty convenient thing for an airplane flight.   

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  1. Awesome commentary! We are beyond excited to see you guys in a month!!