Thursday, October 11, 2012

eating stuff (the joy that is little boys)

so the other day, i was getting dressed in my room.  from the other side of the door, i kept hearing desmond announce with pride, "I lick it!  Mommy, I lick it!"

i ignored him, thinking he was chewing on one of Sirius' toys or something.

"Mmhmm, sweetie."

i came out of my room and discovered that desmond was, in fact, in the process of devouring a stick of butter.  It was over half gone and filled with teeth marks.  His grinning face was shiny and as buttery as a biscuit.


does the story sound familiar?

maybe it's because i caught tesla doing the exact same thing when he was only 2 months older than desmond is now.

tesla, caught in the act.

i mean, i like butter.  probably the only person who likes butter more than i do is paula deen herself.  par example: the other night, silas and i went to the cheesecake factory.  they gave us a basket with two loaves of bread and 6 little packets of butter.

silas and i split the bread evenly.  he used one little foil-wrapped portion of butter for all of his bread.

i, of course, used the other five.  one for each slice!

i often like to just dip chunks of bread in softened butter, rather than spreading it on thinly.

so it's obvious where the boys got their affinity for buttery goodness.

but even i wouldn't eat a stick of butter like a popsicle.

tesla with his "purse"

the other day i was walking to the car, carrying a bunch of stuff, when i heard desmond call out, "Mommy!  I drink a water!"

i turned to find both him and tesla, face down on the cement driveway, licking up some liquid that i hope was a dirty puddle.  it could have been spilled oil or some poisonous car fluid, for all i know.

desmond and sirius

and then today, we were walking to the car again when i heard desmond say, "Mmm!  Cereal!"

i looked down to find him happily crunching on something.

i had not given him any cereal.

sometimes seems like a miracle they're still alive.

*you'll notice that it was desmond drawing my attention in each of these scenarios.  it appears tesla's learned to keep quiet by now, in order that his mischief may continue uninterrupted.


  1. I did notice that Desmond was making the necessary noises! Oh my goodness those boys! <>

    1. those boys... :) but they're sweet.

    2. Indeed! Super sweet, adorable, huggable! Muwahhhh!

  2. Haha! Your boys are hilarious, and the way you write makes it that much more entertaining. Love it!