Tuesday, October 9, 2012


i was getting restless. 

maybe it's because it's october, but it feels like july.  fall is my favorite season, and each year i welcome it with open arms.  fall means crisp, cool air.  fall means baking.  fall means eating huge bags of candy corn and turning my tongue hot pink.  (did you know that's what color candy corn turns your mouth?  maybe you've never eaten an entire bag of candy corn in one day.)  fall means leaves and pumpkins and long sleeves and anticipation.

fall does not mean 100 degree afternoons.

(not complaining, just saying.)

i was itching for change, but since i'm growing out my hair* (i feel like i'm perpetually "growing out my hair"), there's only one solution.

it comes in a $10 box and smells like death by choking.

as i was applying the dye, i realized that i had not thought this through.  i hoped it wouldn't look too bad (and i sent up a few prayers to ward off orange hair).  but i was committed.  i wanted a change!

i'll let you see for yourself how it went.



 (please excuse my wide-eyed look of uncertainty in both photos)

what's that, now?

you say it looks exactly the same?


it appears that, for once, i was actually a little too conservative.  medium blonde obviously wasn't blonde enough.

now i'm enduring a mental battle of impatience ("GO GET ANOTHER BOX!  WHO'S UP FOR ROUND TWO?") versus prudence ("now remember, even though there wasn't a visible change your hair was probably damaged, and you should wait several weeks or even a few months before dousing it in chemicals again.")

who will win?  stay tuned for the next thrilling installment.


*speaking of growing out hair, i saw this post last week and i almost booked a haircut right then and there. her hair is so cute at every stage, and the pictures decimated one of my pixie-cut obstacles (the fear of growing it out and looking like a fool for an entire year.)  one step closer to the brave world of really short hair...


  1. Show a picture of the roots like in the first picture and I can compare better :). You always look cute. Love the wide eyed look!

    1. i think you're in the .01% that would actually notice, but my roots did change! haha. my hair was kind of streaky and different colors (growing out from my last dye job), so, if nothing else, dyeing it "medium blonde" yesterday evened everything up. :)

  2. Heather, you should just go for the pixie. I mean, I always love your hair long (it always looks fabulous no matter what you say) but pixies are AMAZING. I'm really considering never growing mine out again - partly because the lazy side of me begs for easy hair styles and the fabulous side of me screams for EASY HAIR STYLES. I think you'd be cute with short hair!!! It takes 10 minutes to style from wet to done. How long did I say? Oh yeah, 10 MINUTES.

    Haha, I feel like an infomercial. (You can pay me using paypal or any other illegally obtained credit card).

    1. everyone i've talked to that's had a pixie cut has LOVED it. and yours is so pretty!

  3. so I was looking at this post late last night while I was pleading with Milo to go to bed (not really but internally I was wishing) and seriously flipped between the pictures like 10 times before I read that it didn't really make a change. I'm glad it wasn't my brain crapping out and that your hair didn't turn orange!