Saturday, April 14, 2012


so i've been secretly wanting a pixie cut for well over a year now.  i go back and forth in my head wondering if it will look cute or like mom hair or will i look like a boy or will it make my head look too small for my know.  all the usual stuff.

i haven't made a final decision yet, but here are some cuts i'm loving.

(most of these were pulled from pinterest and i couldn't find the original links.  apologies.)

i'm envisioning a slightly longer pixie, with lots of layers and definitely some volume.  i don't want it to look masculine from the back (shaved), and i want long pieces framing my face and over my ears.

long hair has always felt feminine to me, but i think short hair can showcase femininity in a completely different, more confident way.

plus, you know, when it's 115 degrees outside EVERY SINGLE DAY for several months...long hair sucks.

i'm serious.  i've seen several arizona bloggers with gorgeous long hair, and i wonder how they aren't wallowing in absolute misery.  (this is where the ubiquitous blogger bun comes in.)  but seriously.  do they not leave the house?  do they do all their shopping in the dead of night?  even with my hair the length it is now, i feel like i have a heat-trapping curtain surrounding my face and neck.  bleh.

have you ever had super short hair?  i've had several friends with pixies of varying lengths, and they looked amazing.  me gusta.


  1. Mostly I'm just dying for fall so I can finally chop my mane again (I promised nick one more summer, pish!), bc super short hair is the BOMB DOT COM! Fo rilz. I say go for it while you're still at a short length so you won't hate yourself the first day. You'll always wonder until you satisfy that universal need to chop just once. And you'll always be hott, so no fear! I'd go for the Asian look or the first one, I think. Do it! Do it! And then don't hate me if you decide that was the worst thing ever. But you won't. Pixies give major confidence like ya said.

    The End.

  2. haha, i was thinking that if i want to do it i'd better do it now while my hair is still short(ish). it will be a lot less traumatic than chopping it after i've been letting it grow for a year.

    i like the asian one a lot but although it looks cool and chic on her i think it miiiiight look a mom mop on me. you know?

    p.s. i looove your hair short. and it's gorgeous long, too. but since we were talking about short hair.

  3. oh my gosh oh my gosh, I love these!! I love how they have a little more hair on top! so so cute!

  4. I thought you were growing out your hair! But like others have, said, if you're gonna do it, do it while your hair is shorter. I love the last one! Everyone I know who has gotten one, really likes it.

  5. i was back and forth for a while...but i think i'm going to grow it out (for now). i'm not aiming for super-long hair, but a couple inches below my shoulders. i really want to do a pixie cut someday but i don't think that right now i want it badly enough to not regret it! haha :)