Saturday, April 27, 2013

alone on a saturday night

and what else is there to do but blog?  (since i'm currently banning myself from watching any more episodes of Dollhouse...i get creeped out very easily.)

1.  i think i'm in love.  you know that amazing triple chocolate ghirardelli brownie mix that comes in a 6 pack at costco?  we call them crack brownies.  i have been unable to replicate them.  they are amazing...i bought myself some small ramekins specifically for those brownies.  i keep the batter in the fridge and pop a ramekin of it in the oven whenever i feel like it.  which is usually at least twice a day.

2.  speaking of love, yesterday was silas' and my 5 year wedding anniversary.  we celebrated with deliciously authentic (to me) indian food, complete with bellydancing.  (meaning there was a very talented belly dancer at the restaurant.  neither silas nor i did any belly dancing.  i just felt the need to clarify that.  i mean, we would have joined in, but i forgot my sequined bra and he left his coin skirt in the car.)

3.  bobby pins.  every day.

apparently my default is "brooding face"

4.  today was what i would call an excellent hair day.  observe what a little effort can do:

air dried

after enlisting the help of some beach spray and a diffuser + curling iron.  then slept on it.

the problem is, since i've gotten my hair cut, i haven't been able to style it the same way twice.  meaning, i don't have a chance in hell of getting it to look like this again.


4.  sometimes this happens instead.

photobomber tesla...this is a really attractive picture of both of us

i'm just not really sure what to do with that.  with long hair, you can always throw it in a ponytail.  with short hair...point me to the nearest hat store.

5.  less than a month until masterchef starts!!  

6.  so, when i'm reading my friends' blogs, i'll often check the sidebar and read some of their friends' blogs.  (because i'm nosy like that.)

sometimes i'll see someone out and about (in public) and think, "how do i know you?" and then, thankfully before i engage the person in what is bound to be awkward conversation, i remember that i'm recognizing her from her blog.  and that she has no idea who i am, even though i know her and her kids' names and where she and her husband met.

it makes me feel like such a creeper.

reading about other people's lives is just so interesting...

7.  i can't remember if i posted this picture already (and i'm not about to go check), but these two little men with their bandaid-ed bellies make me smile.

have a happy weekend.


  1. You have a sequined bra?!?!?? And I'm pretty sure Silas would rock a coin skirt, especially since he wears teensy running shorts so well, hahaha. We have yet to go to Tandoori Times 2 and actually witness the bellydancing. Darn. Let us know next time you guys go and have your uniforms and we'll definitely be there. :D

    1. Will do! I bet we can make enough tips to pay for our dinner...

    2. Get me out there and I can pay for everyone's dinner haha