Thursday, April 25, 2013

bobbin' around

the other day silas was going through the thousands of pictures on our external hard drive and i was hovering over his shoulder getting weepy-eyed at pictures of my babies when i saw this.

oh yes.  it was long once.  (this pictures is from 2ish years ago, i'd wager.)

after seeing that mane i sunk into hair depression for a few days.

but then i decided to pull myself up by my bootstraps (what??) and focus on the things i could control.

so that's why i'm currently sprawled on my bed, half-dressed and with a shower cap over my coconut oil-drenched tresses, scouring the internet for cute pictures to inspire me and my short hair.

it's working.  i feel tons better already.  check this out.

adorable, right??  (and also, how do people manage to wear scarves naturally?**)

bobs are familiar territory for me.  i know they look cute on me (let's be modest here) and they're reasonably versatile so i'm excited to get to that stage.  i think what's bugging me the most about my hair is the lack of shape/style.  it's just growing willy nilly.

and i just will not tolerate willy nilliness.

now for the question of the day.

mullet love

is my hair long enough to shape into a cute bob, or do i need to grow it for a couple more months?


**for your entertainment, a replay of silas' reaction last time i tried to be fashionable and wear a scarf in public:

me:  so, i'm trying to figure out if i should wear my hair up or down with this scarf.  what do you think?

silas:  ...

me:  i'm also trying to figure out a way to tie it so it doesn't look like i'm being strangled to death.

silas:  i was wondering if that was the look you were going for.


  1. I went through the same thing last week (I'm also growing a pixie cut) and I decided to shape my hair into a bob, even though it was very short. It looks kind of dorky sometimes, but it's easier to grow it out and I get to walk around pretending I'm Carey Mulligan in 'The Great Gatsby' (
    I think your hair is long enough for a cute bob, but my tip for you is fake a bob with bobby pins first and see if you like it. That way, you'll know if it's time to cut it or if it's best to wait a little more. =)

    1. Carey Mulligan was one of my original pixie cut inspirations, and she does the 20s bob really well, too. I like slightly longer (below chin-length) bobs on me but I'm nervous about a really short and Carey (we're on first-name basis, apparently) pull it off, though! Do you think your hair will grow out more evenly (i.e. fewer funky layers and mullet disasters) now that you've shaped it into a bob? That's what I'm hoping...I can't really afford to get maintenance cuts every single month.

    2. I also think longer bobs are way more flattering than really short ones, but I just couldn't stand that 'in between' stage anymore. It's definitely growing out more evenly, which is great, and I haven't got it cut in the salon ever since I got the pixie cut - I just ask my sister to trim the back for me. There's no way I'd spend 20 bucks just to trim a growing mullet - my hair grows crazy fast, so I end up trimming the back every week.

    3. i completely agree. which is why (when i had long hair) i never got trims. i just couldn't justify spending the money when my hair wouldn't even look different after. when i got a haircut, i wanted a HAIRCUT. go big or go home. now that i'm growing it out though, i'm going to try to take better care of it...even if it means handing the scissors to my husband when i don't want to fork over the money for a salon trim.