Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy Birthday, Michael: A Tribute

Today my awesome youngest brother turns 15.  He is one of my favorite people, and thus deserves--you guessed it--an ode.

Tribute to the Coolest Michael in the World

I was six when you were born 

Fifteen years ago
You were small and blond

But best of all
You fit inside a bowl.

You're pretty rad at wrestling

And picking up the ladies
You have the guns of Mr. Universe

And the coolness of Slim Shady.

I'll never be too old 
To goof around with you

Taking pictures on long road trips
And messing with Andrew.
You were born in Hawaii
A true beach boy from the start

The three of us are best friends

And Nala played a part.

Remember, Michael, "the heart of the cards!"
And watching Rave Master
"They're not broomth, they're MOPTH!"

Don't grow up any faster.

You used to eat my chapstick
Many moons ago
Remember playing at Rock Beach 
In Puerto Rico?

Your flowing golden locks
Have always wooed the chicks
And now you ride a dirtbike

Don't trip on any sticks.

So on this day, April 18th
I guess it would be crude
If I didn't stop and say
Happy Birthday, dude!

Love you Miguel.  Sorry for the atrocious poem  :)  I hope you have a fun weekend and I can't wait to see you in a month!

P.S.  In honor of you, Michael Bryan Haslett, I'm having breakfast with the Cap'n this morning.