Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Official Due Date


I went and got an ultrasound today.  I would scan a picture but our scanner has been malfunctioning for the past few months.  Ultrasound pictures all look the same, anyways.  Especially when the baby is smaller than a grape.

But we now know that the baby is due december 3rdSo I'm 8 weeks 5 days today.  Poor kid has his birthday squezzed into the Christmas month, but at least it's at the beginning.  Tesla and the grape will be just under 13 months apart.

In other news, Silas and I had our 2nd anniversary on Monday the 26th.  Look how cute we used to be.


  1. Hope TEsla likes Grapes! BAHAHAHAHA

    By the way, why are you guys kissing a nun?

  2. haaaaaa! congrats, sooo super wonderful!

  3. OH M GOSH!!!!!!!! WE DIDN'T KNOW!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. You are having another baby?!?!?!

    YAY!!! I had no idea!!

    Great news! :-D

  5. Birthdays in early December are ok UNLESS they are combined with Christmas!! THAT is NOT a good thing!!

  6. Another! Yay! I thought you hadn't blogged for a while or something until I checked the date. (: