Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sick Day

The littlest Klaver is sick today.

(this is a picture from last week.  i think he looks homeless)

He has a fever and looks very miserable.  He keeps sneezing his germs all over me.  Yesterday he sneezed and it got in my eyes.  

So today is going to be a movie day.  It's raining outside, too.  Perfect sick weather.  

I will be sporting these sweet pajamas that I inherited from Nick and Elyssa.

They're my new favorite pants.  I've never had pajama pants that were long enough before.  I even bought men's.  But these babies....awesome.

I may never wear jeans again.


  1. I hope that your cutie pie babe gets better fast! :(

    Score! on the pj's. ;-)

  2. awww, poor little guy ;-(. Good thing it's a good day for a sick day