Friday, May 28, 2010

Apologies for the lack of posting.

I've been tired.  Very very tired.  Which isn't really an excuse because blogging takes pretty much no energy, but all the same.

Silas is in Colorado, camping and relaxing after taking the MCAT yesterday.  Tesla and I are hanging out, running errands, reading, cleaning, and sleeping a lot.  I used to feel guilty for taking naps, but then I decided that no one is policing my time, and I'd better take advantage before the second baby arrives, since it will be harder to find time with two little punks underfoot.  (Lovable punks, though.)

I've been doing a lot of cooking, and getting back in touch with my inner chef.  I have a secret desire to attend school here and become a personal chef to someone wealthy enough (and generous enough) to let me and my family live in their guest house whilst I'm working for them and Silas is in school.

I'm hoping to take Tesla with me to go check out the local farmer's market tomorrow.  Fresh produce is enticing me.  I've never been much of a gardener (actually I hate gardening and yardwork with an undying passion and have never mowed a lawn in my life), but I'm starting to want to have my own garden of my favorite vegetables and herbs.  Also I want to live somewhere where we can have a mini orchard in the back yard.  Maybe I'll have enough kids that they can do all the caretaking while I reap the fruits (literally) of their labors.

Here are some pictures.  Most are from the trip to Georgia (which was a blast).
I was able to clip some of my bows into Tesla's almost nonexistent hair.  He wasn't too pleased.  (Neither was Silas.)

Tesla and Oggy
Not my favorite picture of myself, but check out Michael's abs!  :)  He's a great little brother.  We spent our time eating our weight in candy and cheesy popcorn, playing laser tag and Scrabble, and having a Chuck marathon.

Some kids at the beach thought I was 15.  That is Michael's age.  He is six years younger than I am.  I guess the maternity swimsuit and slightly protruding tummy didn't age me appropriately.  I can't count on Tesla to do the job, because when we're in public people seem to think he's my parents' child and my little brother.  Ah well.  
A HUGE amount of gratitude goes to my wonderful family, for flying us out to see them and enjoy the warm weather.  Thank you for the amazing cookies, the shopping, the beach, the relaxation, and the very tasty sushi.  I loved seeing you guys.  And Tesla absolutely loves Nana, Oggy, and Michael.   :)


  1. You are very welcome! We miss you guys hugely

  2. Your baby is beautiful with or without bows. Adorable.

  3. tesla is getting so big and cute! we miss you guys!!!! Georgia looks like it was so much fun!

  4. get lots of sleep. Feel good. Go to that cooking school. Go to the farmer's market!
    Good day, ma'am.

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