Saturday, May 8, 2010


I'm not feeling great today, so pictures and captions will have to suffice. Sorry. :)

Silas is quite the domestic goddess.

Here you see him ripping seams so he can put up the curtains.

He was not happy when I pointed out his domesticity.  Note the glare.

I made Tesla some baby food.

He enjoyed it.

We decided we didn't have enough room for an actual crib, so we sold it. Tesla now sleeps in a bin.

Just kidding.

This is what Tesla does

when I am doing this.
 (I promise, the chicken is not as gross as it looks.  It's Crock Pot Santa Fe Shredded Chicken, and it's REALLY REALLY REALLY good.  And easy.  And I got it off of a Weight Watchers website.  So not too bad for you.  Mine ended up with a little extra water, but it was easily solved by serving with a slotted spoon.)

The end.



  1. That chicken at the end looks GOOD!!

  2. The baby at the beginning looks GREAT!!! and the chicken looks good too : )