Monday, May 10, 2010

Recipes You Should Probably Try

these cookies

this chicken

this cake, which i used to make 3 times a week and finish off ALL BY MYSELF

this strange-sounding but healthy and delicious twist on burritos

and this.  when i first found the recipe i thought, "ew, mushy tomatoes, mushy bread...." but it's SO good.  i made it weekly when we were first married.  (the BYU Creamery has EXCELLENT french bread for $1.  it's perfect in this.)  by the way, maybe it's supposed to be a side dish but we always had it for dinner.  i really like it.  and tomatoes are finally coming into season!

Whenever people suggest recipes to me I'm all, "Cool, I'll try it!" but never do.  If you actually make one of these tell me if you liked it!  Obviously they're not my recipes or anything, so I can't take credit if they turn out well.  Also you can't blame me if it sucks.  :)


  1. I got some sante fe chicken from costco a couple weeks ago! It was just a breast stuffed with all the beans and corn and stuff. I thought it was delicious but Neal did not like it at all. Sooo....I ate it all. :( BUT Neal loves anything shredded...So I bet if I made it with shredded chicken he would love it! Thanks for the recipe!

    By the bye, I miss you!