Friday, July 9, 2010

"I'm growing in front of you!"

(name that movie)

19 weeks, peeps!  Hopefully we'll have the 20 wk ultrasound within a week or two.  (I was distracted when I was talking to the receptionist today and accidentally scheduled it during T's naptime, so I'll have to call them Monday.)

And sorry for being so whiny in the last post.  It was just one of those days.  All is well.

In other news, the clinic I go to moved to a new building and it's super nice!  Fancy schmancy.  The other building was probably 60 years old, with quaint (read: tacky) paintings and floral wallpaper.  The new building is sleek and modern, all clean lines and pristine glass and Mac computers.  The waiting room is done in an inviting bright green and white, and reminds me of an IKEA living room.  I like it way much.

Also I conveniently "forgot" to get my lab work done (hey, I haven't been to the doctor in 11 weeks....I really did forget) and the nurse didn't say anything about it.  Ha.  But I'm supposed to get a pap smear done near the end of my pregnancy.  :(  Maybe I can opt out.  Just kidding.  (A little.)

I'll have to post about my bread triumph next time.  It's probably the best thing that's happened to me all week.


  1. I KNOW where that quote is's on the tip of my tongue...I can hear how he says it...BUT WHAT IS IT???

    Ps, you are super super super cute!!!! I hope all goes well. :)

  2. julie and julia

    i miss you SO MUCH.

    we need to have a skype date again soon, one where i actually come because i'm not having a swearing hissy fit in my room... yes? ; )

  3. also, i love your shirt. i hate how cute you are. next time you're having one of those days, come visit me here and look at my face. you'll feel gorgeous immediately!

  4. oh elyssa. i miss you! your thailand adventures sound so neat. every time you or nick is mentioned silas starts talking about how we need to find some way to fly out there. it was great to talk to the nick but i was really bummed we missed you. i understand, though.

    and if you love my shirt you're probably the only one left. guess how often i wear it. every day? why yes. and do i sleep in it? of course. i've given up on trying to look "stylish" and "put together" (although i don't think i ever really managed either one so it's not much of a loss). i will be rotating 3 shirts through the rest of my pregnancy. maybe washing them once every few weeks. don't judge me.

    ps. for the record, i think you have a gorgeous face. :)

  5. I L-O-V-E your shirt! Purple is your color for sure.