Thursday, July 22, 2010

Today I am Thankful...

...for independent playtime.  It comes in handy when you need to get something done.  And on those days when you feel worn out and lonely and apathetic and you ate too much chocolate and you have no cute clothes and your baby spent 90 minutes of his afternoon nap playing instead of sleeping so now he's's nice then, too.

And as much as I love this baby and enjoy spending my days with him....

His brother is making me tired today.

So I'm also thankful that the T-bomber goes to bed at 5:30.


  1. haha! THat is the earliest bedtime I Have ever heard of!!

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  3. haha i know....not my fault though. no matter what time he goes to bed he's always up by 6, so he chose it himself. ;) it's great sometimes because i have the evenings to myself but at the same time it puts kind of a damper on the social life.

    (what social life?)

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  5. Oggy says he and T-Bomber are right up the same alley. That is an hour past Oggy's bedtime HAHA

  6. I love early bedtimes! Caius is getting older so his bedtime is 7:30 instead of 6...i miss it.

    Tesla's face is looking less babyish and more little boyish these days. I am excited to see what baby boy #2 will look like!!!

  7. ummmmm, boy??? send me the names list pronto so i can make fun of and negate all of them, just like you love ; )

    so excited for you guys. and you remain adorable. take a year off after #2 comes and come live in our HOUSE ; ) free rent!!

  8. dude!! silas said nick said you guys are building a house! in thailand! even more cool points to you.

    and so far we have suggested Jeroboam, Loki (the Norse god of destruction), Murphy, and Pinkerton.

    but we have yet to come up with any actual, serious name ideas. so. we'll get right on that.

  9. my little brother's friend growing up had a dalmation named pinkerton. who actually has dalmations??

    but jeroboam gets two thumbs up ; )