Monday, July 5, 2010

Not. Happy.

This is how I feel right now.

Why?  Let me show you.

18 weeks pregnant with nameless baby of unknown gender

 36 WEEKS pregnant with Tesla

Okay.  So I know I'm obviously a bit bigger at 36 weeks.  But they are comparable.  PEOPLE.  18 weeks.  Not thrilled with the growth here. 

(In case you think I'm exaggerating and just being a baby, I can tell you that I look identical to what I was at around 30 weeks last time.  I'm not going to post the picture for comparison because it's a bare-belly one and I'm not really a fan of people seeing my tummy.  Just sayin.)

I know it's for the baby and I know it will all come off, etc, etc.  BUT.  This had better be a really big baby.


  1. so i know this is no consolation...but at least you have a cute little tummy :) are u finding out what you're having?

  2. you are beautiful. AND I admire you! I'm sorry you're uncomfortable! You can DO IT!!!

  3. oh my GOSH, Tesla is a big baby, THIS baby is going to be HUGE. I love it. Slash, I hope I look HALF as good as you pregnant. You're so cute! And at least you for sure look pregnant now. Maybe you'll stop getting weird looks from people now.

  4. yeah i finally wore a normal shirt (instead of the baggy dresses i've been sporting) to church last sunday and someone asked me when i was due. :)