Saturday, October 15, 2011


Sometimes, by the end of the day, I'm ready to toss them into their room, lock the door, and pass out on my bed (on top of the pile of laundry that I do not currently have the energy to fold).

Truthfully, motherhood is a great gig.  I'm my own boss and my hours are flexible.  I like not having deadlines and people breathing down my neck.  I like that I can dress however I want and that I am free to pursue my own interests.  And, hey, I like my kids.  ;)

But sometimes it's tiring and isolating and monotonous and lonely.

And that's okay.

Or at least it will be tomorrow morning.  :)  I need a to sleep off a headache and some cookie-induced nausea.

All my love.


  1. i hear ya. it's not like i don't love my son so so much and feel so blessed and know it;s all a miracle. it's just that i feel crazy some days. :) keep on keepin on, sister.

  2. I so remember those days, and yes, it was all that.
    I admire you and your patience and persistence!

  3. At least you're cute!!!!! I know how you feel though. Family life is a little different when you don't live in UT in an apt. complex with a bunch of families in the same boat. It's certainly lonely.