Wednesday, October 12, 2011


That's what they are.

A little crime duo.

They don't stay in their beds.

They ruin a beautiful loaf of rising bread by eating chunks out of it.

They play in the toilet.

They tear apart the closet.

They're always getting into things.

And making messes.

But dang...

They're pretty cute.


  1. I can't believe how big they are! And stinking CUTE! It looks like they're keeping you nice and busy. :)

  2. Can I copy and paste this onto my blog and pretend they are my boys, cuz that pretty much sums up our life.

    I love the action shot of a blurry Tesla tearing the drawer out. Hehehe.

    They are pretty cute though! :)

  3. ??? Sometimes I forget question marks are an option fir ending a sentence...

  4. Abby--thanks! The sweet little beasties do keep me busy (or insane, as some might say). Saoirse is such a pretty/adorable/huggable little girl! Lovely hair on that one. :)

    Robin--haha, I thought of you when I posted this actually; I figured you'd be able to relate. ;) I actually dreamed about you last night (in a non-creepy way), how are you guys doing? I saw that video of Leland making Jerrick laugh---SO cute.

  5. Thanks for this! i looked at it twice and laughed all the way through!!!

  6. the picture of tesla in oven mitts elicited unplanned cuteness noises from me, twice. the rest are just hilarious and darling. boo! your boys are so stinking cute! also, as nick said, i don't know if we're ready ; )

  7. haha i love the oven mitts too. he's a character.

    more pregnancy updates from you! i promise you that you could post a picture of yourself every single day and i would not tire of it. you don't even know.

    and tell nick that it's okay. nobody is. ;)

  8. I can totally relate! Jerrick is rolling over now, and sometimes ends up a few feet away from where I leave him. I am partly excited, and partly fearful. In a few months he'll be crawling after Caius and Leland all three of them with their torches and pitchforks destroying our house. Whoever invented bedtime was a genius!