Sunday, October 2, 2011


I think I might have overdone it today.

I'd always assumed my affinity for sweets had no limits.  When others were throwing their forks down and protesting that the five-layer double chocolate mousse-filled ganache-iced fudge cake was too rich, I was helping myself to a second slice.

While these same people complained about the raspberry filling being "too sweet", I merely gave them a quizzical look before finishing the discarded remains of their cupcakes.

Today, however.  Today I met these.

Cinnamon rolls, yes.  But not of the ordinary variety.

These happen to be vanilla-glazed chocolate chip cookie dough-filled cinnamon rolls.
there are cookies lurking inside.  deliciously overwhelming chocolate chip-studded cookies.

And also lemon-glazed blackberry-filled cinnamon rolls.  For balance.  (Fruit, you know.)

 Perhaps it would have not been so nausea-inducing intense if I hadn't spend the earlier parts of the weekend noshing on cupcake batter and prior batches of cookie dough and...maybe Ben & Jerry's.   (Maybe not.  I admit nothing.)

However, the sum total of this weekend's sugar-laden exploits was enough to make me consider never eating sugar again.  EVER.

Ah, if only my resolve could last a single morning.


  1. yay! I'm glad you are back. Will you make me some of those cinnamon rolls next time we hang out?!

  2. So I have my big-old-long blogroll that I blogstalk and I just love, love, love all of them. However, I must admit that yours is my favorite. Don't worry that when you have a new post my stomach does a little flip. You have a great sense of humor, are an amazing writer, have the cutest kids, and uhm...let's not mention the food.