Saturday, September 22, 2012

homemade laundry detergent [update]

so i mentioned that i was testing out a new homemade laundry detergent.

it's a bit early to really make a judgment, but i wanted to pop in and say--so far so good!

here's the recipe i used, in case you would also like to embark on a mini adventure in frugality.

it's cooked on the stovetop, but don't be put off by that.  it's really easy.  (but be warned, if you do happen to spill borax onto your burner, it will produce a noxious smell every time you turn it on.  at this point, you will want to just buy a new burner plate.  borax-scented curry is less than appetizing.

hypothetically speaking, of course.)

silas walked into the kitchen when i was making it, and, bursting with pride, i exclaimed, "Look!  I'm making laundry detergent!"

silas peered into the pot.  "Ah," he said.  "Ye Olde Meth Lab."

as of yet, i haven't noticed any residue or streaks on our clothes (problems i have had with previous detergent attempts).  last time when i was using homemade powder detergent, there was noticeable fading.  (i have a couple black shirts that are now an uneven dark grey.)  obviously, a little more time is needed to make a full assessment.  however, for the moment, i'm happy.

missing that clean laundry smell?  it's easy to achieve, with the help of these little babies:

yes, i still write on my hands like a ninth grader.

just toss a small amount (meaning a teaspoon or two--this is strong stuff) into your load and your clothes will smell clean and fragrant.

toss a little more and your senses will be accosted with an aggressive clean laundry smell.  be judicious.  you don't want to induce vomiting.

so obviously, this addition makes your homemade detergent slightly less frugal.  however, you use such a tiny, tiny amount per load, that i don't think it's really a splurge.

my clothes smell even better than before, and i don't have to use fabric softener (which leaves an odd residue on our clothes).

if you've ever experimented with the homemade stuff, share your wisdom.

and speaking of laundry:

it's time to fold the daily loads.

over and out, loves.


p.s.  i just found this recipe, which looks even easier.  i'm going to try it when i run out of the above.


  1. Heather- try black bean brownies NOW! I pinned the recipe I used under desserts in pinterest. They were so good Adam couldn't even tell the difference and he can tell when I use wheat pasta instead of normal pasta. He LOVED them. YOU WILL DIE. They are that good.

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    1. i'd be a lot braver if i was washing my clothes by hand in the bathtub! ;)

  3. Glad it is working for you!! The clothes look nice and clean!! AND still bright!

  4. Glad it is working for you!! The clothes look nice and clean!! AND still bright!