Tuesday, January 29, 2013

pixie cut--one month update

so, it's been a month since i cut my hair.

now the big question: do i grow it or trim it?

to nobody's surprise, i have decided to grow it out.  (come on...did you really think i'd be able to commit to one thing for any length of time?)

i did/do love my haircut.  and it is SO. MUCH. easier to style.  however, i like change.  and growing it out will allow me to experiment with a lot of different hairstyles along the way.  i also miss long(er) hair a little...i feel pretty boyish sometimes, even though i know i still look like a girl.

i might end up keeping it shortish.  right now i'm aiming for a medium-length bob...i can't wait until i can do tiny pigtails.  i really like my hair wavy and short, so i might keep the bob for a while if i like it.

anyway...here's what my hair looks like after a month!  (it hasn't really grown much, but i can tell it's fuller.)

here's what it looked like a month ago, a few days after it was cut:

ah, the days when i could just comb it and let it air dry.  she layered it a lot and thinned it out a TON when she cut it.  now it's starting to...fluff up.

and here's a poor-quality, floating-head picture...but it looks a bit longer here.  it gives me hope that maybe it is growing a bit.

[i was trying to figure out why this picture looked so weird to me...i think it's the "senior portrait smile" i've got going on.]

and from today...an attempted faux half up-half down!  (bobby pins used: only 4!)

and there you have it.  one month later.

[if you were bored to tears, i apologize...this post was more for my own documentation purposes.  i always wish i'd taken more pictures of my hair at different lengths so i could remember what it was like.  so now i'm trying to.]


  1. I admire your boldness and fearlessness with your hair and your ability to rock anything!

    I tried to be bold and just had a bunch of layers cut into my hair. Considering that I am style- challenged, maybe it wasn't such a good idea

  2. Hey! I want more blog updates please. And more often : )

  3. Heather! You can't quit facebook and not blog for three weeks! Everybody misses you!

  4. I have so many of the same thoughts as you and sometimes I wonder if I'm just subconsciously copying you because it's so scary-similar. Thanks for letting me blog stalk you! I love your writing!