Friday, January 25, 2013

playing grown up

i'm not much of a makeup person.

i really want to be.  i admire women who know how to transform their look--who can go from day to evening with a sweep of smoky shadow or bold lipstick.  there's a certain power in knowing how to flaunt your femininity.  i want that power.

my "evening look" is very similar to my "day look"...just a little more smudged.  what i thought was a "fresh face" in the morning light usually turns into the "i just rolled out of bed after sleeping in my makeup" look--my mascara has traveled down to create a dark ring under my eyes and my eyeliner, if i'm wearing any, has mysteriously disappeared.

i have a few tubes of lipstick that i picked up on a whim.  once or twice a year, i break them out and pretend i'm going somewhere fancy.  (a.k.a. i just wear them around the house.)

two weeks ago i wore heels to church.  i own exactly one pair of heels and that three hours was the most wear they've gotten in the last, oh....four years or so.

i want to have plans tonight.  i want a reason to look pretty and wear my heels and a gorgeous little dress  (note to self: buy a gorgeous little dress).  even though i've pretty much come to terms with my jeans-and-tee personality, sometimes i still want to live the glam life a little.

we tend to keep it pretty low-key around here, though.  most of us don't even bathe daily.

and that's okay, too.  i can just pretend to be glamorous.

maybe i'll start teaching the boys the fine art of dress-up....


  1. idk... they sure like the lip gloss Brooklee had the other day! haha!

    1. haha I know! it was so funny to watch them purse their lips so she could apply it for them.