Saturday, February 19, 2011

Back by popular demand!

(and by "popular demand", i mean that three people mentioned that i should try to post more than once every few months.)

Hello, friends and lovers!

What's new?  Well, first of all, this.

Which now looks like this.

His name is Desmond Aesop, and he is beloved by all.  Especially this one.

In other news:

Silas has very long hair and a very long mustache.  Pictures to follow if I can convince him.

We are moving to Glendale, Arizona in Julyish, where Silas will be studying Podiatry at Midwestern University.  I have gotten over the fact that our yard will probably consist of cactuses, dirt, and rocks, and am getting really excited.

(p.s.  "Cactuses" is an acceptable plural form of cactus.  I checked.)

My brother Andrew is living in American Fork and we get to see him sometimes and it's awesome.  Plus Tesla adores him.

I am continuing to bake treats at an alarming rate.  I need another outlet.  Badly.  Ideas welcome.

(Crafting is out.  Aside from the fact that I'm not good at it and don't enjoy keeping bits and pieces of supplies around, I break things.  Even really simple things.

Take, for example, the time that Abby generously offered me the use of her sewing machine so that I could hem some cloth diaper inserts that we had cut.  The concept was simple: SEW STRAIGHT LINES.  WITH A MACHINE.  A monkey could do it.  An untrained one, at that.

However,  in the space of about half an hour, I managed to break the needle and jam her machine no less than 6 times.  Abby finally took over and finished the diapers in about 5 minutes.

I do not do crafty things.)


Tonight is pizza night.  I never get tired of pizza.  Ever.  We're making our new favorite, the Mediterranean/Greek pizza which has yet to be christened with a catchy name.  But picture this: the crust is stuffed with feta cheese and sundried tomato pesto, and the middle is brushed with olive oil (and by brushed I mean I smear it on with my fingers), sprinkled with garlic powder, and topped with kalamata olives, artichoke hearts, spinach, and a little mozzarella.

You know that's right.  (Does anyone else watch Psych?  I think Gus is one of my favorite people in the world.)


  1. ahh, my life is again complete.

    and including that pizza description was pure sadism. i actually drooled.

    good news is... you can make it for me in april!! lucky you!!

  2. Congrats on med school!!!!!!!!!!!!!! awesome awesome awesome! Your babies are so cute too! We definitely want to see some long hair pictures of Silas.

    On a different note, we just found out we are expecting a baby! And I was wondering if you could tell me about cloth diaper- pros/cons etc. Email me if you get the chance

    miss you guys!

  3. yAY!! I was so missing you posting! Congrats on school!

  4. Congrats on pod school! My brother in law did podiatry there and they're living nearby while he does his residency. It is a good life my friend! And... we make it out to AZ more than UT, so I may just come and find you!
    And please, please post that pizza recipe bc it sounds delish!

  5. Woo hoo! an update and I get to learn all these new things about ya'll, like you are moving to Phoenix? Wow! I didn't know that, and congrats on the new beautiful baby! and yay for blogs!! Love yours!!

  6. Hi I'm SOOO glad you're back. You're a good writer, my friend; plus I like hearing about your life.

    Moving to AZ!!!! I'm jealous! My sister in law is moving to CA, and honestly, I miss the west. You guys will be great there!

    Your babies are SO AWESOME!

    BTW We are having our first baby!!!! In September!!!! We're excited.

    How did the cloth diapers go? Can you share a pattern? They seem great, but also poopy and hard to clean up. Any of this true?

    I hope you are wonderful. Sure looks like it!

    Love, Nikki