Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Curious Phenomenon

A mother can sleep through anything....except babies.


  1. this is SO CUTE!!!!! heheheheheheh

  2. you are so talented! I think for my birthday, or to celebrate us living in the same city, I want one of these done up of ??

  3. duuude. Heather this is the funniest, and maybe the only funny comic I have ever seen. I laughed out loud. You've got silas's caricature down. i had a dream i had a wicked stache like that last night, and I woke up to discover that elyssa is still deprived of it... you are a lucky woman that you got such a manly man. kiss him for me. ps.. you may have discovered the best way to display comics ever... because i actually got to be surprised by the ending ( i always cheat and look to the end when its on paper)