Thursday, February 24, 2011


We started sign language with Tesla several months ago in the hopes that it would give him an avenue of communication and therefore help to stave off tantrums.  And in many ways, it has.

(After the excitement of the first few signs wore off, I kinda got lazy.  But that's not important right now.)

One of the signs Tesla has in his arsenal is "hat".  Kind of a useless one, when compared to "please", "more", "food", or "potty", but hey.  He signs "hat" whenever he sees Silas in a beanie, baseball cap, or bandana (which is frequently).

The first time he tried to touch the inside of a 350 degree oven, I exclaimed, "No, Tesla!  Do not touch!  Hot!"

He looked surprised and a little confused by my reaction, and then reached up to pat his head.  "Hat?"

Today, I knew the damage was done when the timer for the oatmeal chocolate chunk cookies went off and he ran excitedly to the oven and stood in front of it, patting his head vigorously.  "Hat!  Hat!  Hat!"

Oh well.  Close enough, right?  


  1. haha, You really are BACK! I wrote a ridiculously long comment on your first post only to close it without posting. So...WELCOME BACK!

    I have been DYING to see that little klaver for forever! And to get updates. I would've texted you, but I got a new phone and my old phone went ka-pooey (ya, I did just write that). So text me your number one day.

    and you are more than welcome to send some of those cookies our way. seriously.


  2. Hot/Hat hahahahahahaha he's so wonderful!

  3. bahahahaha

    if you wanted to post 5 times a day, i'd be okay with that. you and your offspring is funny.