Wednesday, February 29, 2012

basic kale salad

once upon a time i hated kale.

so much.

for years.

but then i had this.

all it takes is one good recipe.  (and that dressing is dang good.  i put it on everything.  even our resident Picky Picky Princess tesla loves it.  he tries to eat it out of the food processor whenever i make it.)

now kale and i have come to a delicious understanding.  (it also helps that it's about half the price of many of the other greens.)  i use it in a lot of recipes, but it doesn't need much to be transformed into a delectable dish.

i don't measure very often when i cook and i can't really call this a recipe, but i still thought you should have it.

basic massaged kale salad

serves 1 adult (and a toddler-sized mooch)

several leaves of kale
a little salt
half an avocado, diced

wash your kale and shred into small pieces.  sprinkle the bowl of torn kale with salt, and work it in with your hands.  massage the kale until it turns bright green and begins to take on a "cooked" texture.  add the diced avocado and continue to massage until the avocado smashes and coats the kale like a dressing. small chunks remaining are a desirable thing.
taste.  add more salt if it needs it.  eat and enjoy.  build upon this template for a more elaborate meal.

this salad received the Mundo Stamp of Approval.

Picky Picky Princess, however, wouldn't touch it.


  1. Love your recipes and your ability to adapt recipes - well- my hat is off to you. And Mundo knows a good thing when he sees it

  2. I'm scared of kale. Can you start a summer cooking camp? I'll come learn how to make all that stuff I've never heard of that you're always using!!!

  3. Robin, I'd love to! I've always thought it would be so fun to teach basic cocking classes. Although I believe it would take exactly one class to impart my vast amounts of knowledge. ;)