Tuesday, February 28, 2012


i only listen to oldies radio.  i can sing along with 98% of the songs.  and i do.  loud and proud.

(my kids aren't old enough to ban me yet.)

i decided that i need to be more "with it" so i can relate to all the hip kids, you know.  so i decided to immerse myself in pop culture and memorize one popular song a week.  here's an excellent one by rihanna.  lyrically, it's a masterpiece.  it goes like this.


"we found love in a hopeless place

we found love in a hoooooopeless place

we found love in a hopeless place

we found love in a..."

10 points if you guess what the next word is.

(many thanks to silas for introducing me to this gem.  and then showing me the video.  which gave me dark and creepy vibes.)

desmond on a fence.


  1. I hate the video too. It makes my stomach turn.

  2. it's just so...i don't know. dark, i guess. the way it presents "love" is so twisted.

  3. He looks so cute on that fence : )

  4. i love your blog- always makes me laugh!

  5. the rihanna video for "we found love". it's not the worst i've seen but it weirded me out.