Monday, February 27, 2012

what we do when silas doesn't go to school

or, more appropriately, Thank You Silas for Being So Awesome Today.

silas has this week off school (it's the break between quarters).  he's been pretty stellar so far.  last night when we got back from visiting my parents and randy, we put the boys to sleep and then as i was getting ready for bed he started washing the huge pile of dishes on the counter (including a bunch of bowls and junk leftover from baking cupcakes).

i came into the kitchen, saw what he was doing, and...started crying.

(don't you wish you were married to me?)

"i know i them (sniff) but i'm just...(sniff) so tired and i can't do it tonight, i just can't!  i'm so tired!"

i'm pretty sure i repeated the phrase "i'm so tired" about five more times, in between sobs and thank-yous.  he laughed and hugged me and told me to go to bed where i promptly crashed until a little before 9 this morning.

you're snickering.  but at that time, The Dishes just seemed like this huge, insurmountable obstacle that i couldn't even face and having silas step in to take care of it was a Big. Deal.

(besides, i was just so tired.)

what a man.

*ps, for those who have asked, i'm not pregnant; at least not as far as i know.  that's always my first idea when i feel even slightly off.  so far so good though.  :)

silas and tesla made blueberry pancakes this morning.

apparently they were so good that tesla ate them with a spatula.

they didn't know how to make pancakes so i took on the role of recipe reader/micromanager.

"so, you'll want to mix all the dry ingredients in that big bowl there.  yeah, like that.  and then melt the butter in that little bowl and mix the eggs in after so you don't dirty extra dishes."

"when you add the wet ingredients, just barely stir it until the flour is incorporated.   it's okay if it still has lumps.  if you stir too much you'll activate the gluten which is good if you're making bread but since you're making pancakes you want them to be light--"

again, don't you wish you were married to me?

they managed to make some delicious pancakes in spite of my "help".

silas was the nice daddy and let them have syrup.  according to me, we've been "out of syrup" for three weeks.

(the less sticky the breakfast, the better in my book.)

it was a relaxed day.  there were naps, lots of snacks, and a trip to the library (and the dog park) involved.  and also some blocks.

and then tesla started freaking out because i wouldn't let him hold the camera.

i told silas i have no idea where he gets his mood swings from.


ha ha.

i'm hilarious.


  1. What a great day :). And thanks so much for coming out to dinner and bringing fabulous cupcakes

  2. Anytime :). We love seeing you guys. Thanks for treating us. Did Michael get one?