Friday, February 24, 2012


i think there are probably very few things that are more annoying than listening to someone whine about how tired they are.

guys.  i know this.  but...if i intersperse my whininess with a few low-quality pictures, will you forgive me?

this intense weariness has overtaken me for the past month or so.  at first i attributed it to a side effect of the antidepressant i was taking, but i've been off of it for a couple weeks now (or something like that), so it should be out of my system by now.  

one would think.

i've been taking naps every day, which are beautiful and dearly treasured and i am NOT complaining that i am afforded the privilege of napping when i need to.  oh, no.  i've had babies.  i prize sleep as dearly as any mother.

it would, however, be convenient if i could use my time more productively and replace my naps with things like making dinner and planning my primary lesson and cleaning and pinterest uh, family history.

today i was dragging all morning.  i let the boys play "pillows" because it required no effort from me and i could lay on the couch and rest.  (lazy much?)

this is our living room.

this is our living room with 13 pillows on the floor.

and two very giggly babies.

even after a two hour nap, i couldn't shake the fatigue.  i don't feel like i need to sleep, it's just this overwhelming feeling of bodily exhaustion.

not that i'm being dramatic or anything.  you guys know me.  i avoid hyperbolic speech like the plague. 

clichés, too.  obviously.

good news on the horizon though.  silas took his last final today so he has the next week off.  good stuff. we celebrated tonight by watching modern family and eating ben & jerrys, reeses cups, and jumbo chocolate covered raisins.

after the boys were in bed of course.

oh the fun we have.

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  1. Cookies and movies........ Ahem...I'm just saying...