Thursday, June 7, 2012

cupcake love

cupcakes from sweet daddy to celebrate finding a swimsuit.

(with the boys in tow, no less.  they were not happy about the shopping but were quite pleased to split a cupcake.)

silas has the biggest mouth i've ever seen.  that is a gigantic cupcake.

and me?


it doesn't even look like i'm trying.

(but take a look at those cords in my neck--maybe i was trying too hard.)

go support your local cupcake shop.  ;)


  1. New swimsuit? YAY! But celebrating with cupcakes??? Hehehe...

    I LAUGHED OUT LOUD at your picture. HA.

  2. I know, the cupcakes might not help my cause with the swimsuit. ;)

    Most of the color's faded out and it's getting lighter from the sun.I like it! My mom found someone who does color for a decent price so I'm considering highlights. (?) Maybe. Silas still thinks I should realize my dream of having platinum blonde hair. But I don't think that's going to happen....