Tuesday, June 5, 2012

just checking in

hello friends!

break was so good.  that's why i've been so silent.

and my pants are so tight.  that's why i've been in leggings 24/7.

(as you know, when silas is on break, i gain weight.  it's lovely.)

we watched the first episode of MASTERCHEF SEASON 3 tonight (it's only what i've been waiting for my whole life) and i'm reading book 44 of this year.  life is good.

also, i'm trying very hard to grow my hair out as quickly as possible.

...it's still a work in progress.

hope the rest of this week brings you good times and great oldies everything your heart desires.

p.s.  got a flat tire at the library today.  couldn't remember how to change it, so i drove home on it.  not supposed to do that, apparently.  (the library is only 5 minutes away!  like i was going to stop on the side of the road and try to change it myself like a fool and then get mugged when an unscrupulous man with suspicious intentions stops to "help" me.  please.)

but, silas made me change it when i got home.  i am now self-sufficient, and a car expert.

watch me go check the oil level with that little stick thing.

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