Friday, June 15, 2012

fo rilz?

in the past few months, the car has been...less than cooperative.

he held up his toast and said, "look!  helicopter!"

several weeks ago i arrived at the park with the boys and stepped out to realize that the car was emitting smoke.  (which explained the burning smell i had noticed on the way there.)

we had to leave it there and walk home.  my parents drove down from scottsdale to help out, and took the car in.  that little visit ended in a slew of repairs that totalled about $800.  (thank you, mom and dad.)

the catalytic converter (i'm not going to pretend i know what it is) is broken or something, so we bought a new one and took the car in.

turns out we bought the wrong one.  aaaaaand, if we want it fixed--$1400.

(we decided we can live with it the way it is.)

bought 4 new tires.

blew one out 2 days later.  completely flat, and beyond repair.  replaced it.

took the car in to get the transmission drip pan (?  or something like that) fixed.  while they were fixing it, they found that the people in Utah who had worked on our car a few years ago had broken off a screw and left it there.  $100 extra onto our bill for that.

for a while, the cd player wasn't working, due to the fact that tesla had fed some quarters into it at some point.  the radio, however, was working.

a week or so ago, silas got the quarters out.  (cd player still didn't work.)

a couple days later, the entire thing stopped working.  it won't even turn on.

while the car was in the shop a couple days ago (for the transmission thing), someone swiped tesla's car seat and the jogging stroller.  (kind of our fault for leaving them unattended, but while i'm airing grievances...)   :)

and this morning, i walk out to the car, put the key in the ignition, turn it, and...nothing.

well, not completely nothing.  the a/c and the lights came on (not the radio, of course).  but the engine made no sound.

well...c'est la vie, i guess.

now i need to go find someone to teach my class on sunday...


  1. With some years between you guys and this experience I am sure it'll be a good story with friends. Seriously though, so very sorry about all that. Meanwhile maybe you and Silas could borrow the mini for the float trip?

  2. Bleh. Car troubles are no fun at all. And, I'll teach your class for you if you will do sharing time for me...

  3. Oh yeah, and you've got to do it in Spanish. Do we have a deal?

  4. melissa--sharing time?! heck no. why do you think they switched me from being the first counselor to the CTR 5 teacher? ;)

    and in spanish? you are my hero. good luck!

    mom--it is kind of an amusing situation.

    but i was not as amused when i was about to leave for costco to buy some crack (i mean brownie mix) and then car.

  5. oh my gosh. heather, I'm so sorry!! But you have a good attitude! That's life and you have beautiful children. hugs hugs hugs your way!