Saturday, June 9, 2012

tender moments

today, silas and i sat on the living room floor, sharing a pint of ice cream.

he was trying to spoon a huge chunk of heath bar out of the ice cream it was enveloped in.  i was doing my best to thwart his efforts with my own spoon.

"knock it off!" he said.  i grinned at him.

"did you know that one of my greatest pleasures in life is annoying you?"

he snorted.  "i know.  i'm always there for it."

"shut up," i said.  "you like to annoy me too.  you live for it."

he agreed as i dug out my own chunk of ice cream-covered candy.

"that's what makes us married," i said.

old picture.  say hi to bald newborn tesla!

seriously though.  i know we can't be the only ones that love to push each others' buttons.

i know, i know, love your spouse and all that.

it's just so fun.


  1. When I first started reading that conversation my mind read Tesla instead of Silas and I was thinking "wow, his conversation skills are really good!"

  2. Haha!! Tesla would've been like, "ICE KEEM? ICE KEEM? A BITE, ICE KEEM?"

  3. Ha I was thinking the other day about how differently I acted when Agus and I were dating, always being SO polite. But now, what would a morning be without be putting my cold feet on him or without him endlessly teasing me?

  4. Melissa--haha!! So true. Dating is so polite and thoughtful. ;)