Tuesday, November 13, 2012

brotherly love

so.  i'm kiiiiiind of cranky today.

maybe it's because i didn't have time to eat breakfast.  maybe it's because my hair looks weird.  maybe it's because i stayed up until 1 am watching alias and doing an olive oil treatment on my hair.  i do not know.

but for some or possibly many reasons, my little well of patience has run dry today.  my zen is gone.  and my sweet children are irritating me.

(also, my to-do list is irritating me.  i keep putting off the answering of emails and scheduling of appointments and paying of library fines and making of meal plans...for no legitimate reason.)

so...want to see some pictures of me and my brothers?  


left to right---andrew, me, michael

me and andrew after a beach day in florida

first day of my senior year (so andrew was a junior and michael was 6th grade i think)

me, tesla, and michael.  i know you've never seen me with my shirt off, so for a reference point...my abs look exactly like that.  

andrew and me.  doing what we do.

i love those guys.

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