Monday, November 12, 2012

[insert title of britney spears' second album]


why do i do this?

i'll tell you why.  boredom.

when you're growing your hair out, and you want a change, guess where you turn.

remember this?  and this?

well.  last night, i struck (out) again.


the new color is...odd.

it's a very ashy brown. in fact (although the poor picture quality doesn't betray this), the bottom half of my hair looks almost...grey.

in case you were wondering, yes, that's exactly the look i was going for.  grey.

you guys probably think i'm ridiculous.  that i should just leave my hair alone.

(i would have to concur.)

so how do i get my natural hair color (or something reasonably close to it) back?

i think i'll give it a couple weeks to fade and see where that leaves me.  if it still looks grey, i might have to pay someone (gasp) to help me fix it.  i think a few highlights would help.

anyone else just can't leave their hair alone?  i think i'm trying to make up for the years i spent only wearing it long, blonde, and straight.


  1. Wish I were as bold as you to try things out. Esther has gentle products for the hair to color it

    1. I may or may not be calling Esther next week... :)

  2. I came across some things I really like, it's called a glaze from Aveda. It's all natural and organic so it doesn't hurt your hair (actually works like a deep conditioner!) and it's semi permanent so you have it for like 4 months then you're back to natural, with no root growth (which is my biggest problem because I am not good at keeping up with that). And, if you find an Aveda salon, ask for a "new" stylist and it costs like $15, as opposed to $60.

  3. Yes, I like to creep on your blog because it's awesome. But see, I read this post and see these pictures and think, "wait, what's wrong here?" Your description is prepping me for some sort of hideous picture, but every picture I've ever seen of you looks fantastic. Even the ones where you are TRYING to be ugly. It's just not going to work for you, I'm sorry. You'll never succeed at being ugly. I'm sorry to break the news so harshly...

    1. haha! thanks. :) i'm not going to even pretend that i don't creep on your blog. in fact, i just checked it yesterday. you should update. (says the girl who often takes unannounced month-long hiatuses from posting) ahem.

      the picture really doesn't look that person it did look nearly grey though, i swear. however, after some intensive efforts at fading it (including washing my hair with Dawn dish detergent...) it's now a very normal-looking color. crisis averted. (i'm using the term "crisis" veeeery loosely here...)