Thursday, November 8, 2012

our ridiculous dog

 today, i want to talk about our ridiculous dog.

his name is Sirius Mysterious.

(actually, i can't remember his middle name.  but i call him sirius mysterious every time i see him.)

sirius is terrified of the vacuum.  he always feels compelled to seek high ground.

he's always looking for snacks.

he sleeps.  all the time.

one morning, when i got up to go to the bathroom, he thought it would be funny to sleep in our bed.

i kicked him out.

(after taking a picture, of course.)

silas is his favorite person in the world.

speaking of silas...i'd forgotten what he looks like without a beard!   i'll have to get a recent photo so you can see the manliness thereof.

but he loves the boys, too.

i know i'm not the biggest dog person.

but that sirius....

he's all right.

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