Saturday, November 10, 2012

Tesla is 3

happy birthday to my little Tesla Miles.

his first day home from the hospital, a few days old

i never thought he'd grow hair.  he had such a round, bald, little head.

but eventually, he did.

everyone says this about their children, but he's so funny and sweet and smart.

he loves to help out (folding washcloths is his specialty) and he loves to cook.

as my boys grow up, they are becoming more and more fun.

babies are cute and sweet and fun, too, but there's something to be said for a little person who can actually talk to you and can express his own thoughts and feelings and opinions.

tesla has been SO. EXCITED. for his birthday.  when i told him it was coming up and asked what we were going to do on his birthday, he exclaimed, "have BIRTHDAY CUPCAKES?!?!"

he was practically shaking with excitement.

pinterest tried to convince me that i needed to go all-out on an organized, themed, perfectly decorated birthday bash.  but...that's really not me, guys.

this morning, silas took him out for breakfast, a birthday tradition he's passing down from his own family.

i'm going to put up streamers and balloons (if i can find where i stashed them), and make chocolate cupcakes with chocolate cream cheese frosting.  we're going to take boys to the train park in scottsdale, and then after naptime, the rest of the family (meaning everyone that lives here--my parents, grandma, and brother) is going to come over while we have pizza and cupcakes and presents.  we'll probably blow out a few'll be wild.

maybe i will go all-out and make a "happy birthday" sign.  we can always reuse it next month for desmond's birthday.  ;)

happy birthday, handsome little guy.

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