Thursday, July 19, 2012

fake birthday

yesterday, we celebrated all of our birthdays.

of course, it wasn't any of our actual birthdays...or even anyone's half-birthday.

but i decided we needed some festivity, so festivity we would have.

it was legit.  i made a sign.

we took the boys to see ice age 4 (they lasted about 45 minutes), and came home for pizza and presents.    it didn't matter that we were late to the movie, or that we spent most of it chasing the boys up and down the stairs (there was hardly anyone there, so it wasn't a big deal).  or that the pizza took so long to cook (thank you oven) that we just made the boys grilled cheese so they could go to bed.  or that the oven destroyed my cupcakes and rendered them inedible (seriously, i could write an entire post dedicated to the eccentricities of our oven).

we had presents.  and a sign.  and balloons.  and it felt special.

i got the boys each a pair of sunglasses, and a little airplane and dinosaur.  (bless them for being so easy to please right now.)  i got silas a massage at a local spa, and he got me a pizza stone.  (i've been wanting one forever.)

i left the sign up today.  it's cheerful.

birthdays, real or invented, are a definite morale-booster.

(and so, by the way, is anything that glows in the dark.)


  1. I love the big celebration idea! Those are definitely memory maker moments :)