Saturday, July 14, 2012

flying solo

silas and the pup left for the weekend to hike some mountains and catch some fish.

last night i watched a chick flick (with DAVID TENNANT in it, how could i not?) and ate mint chocolate chip ice cream.  then i had another bowl of mint chip, this time with a warm, freshly baked cookie on top.

i took a shower.  and later a bath.  i shaved my legs (!!).

(i am a lazy shaver.  as in, i do it once every week or two.)

i fell asleep around 11, gleefully stretched out over the whole bed.  i almost texted silas to ask why he didn't leave me his pillow.  

i prefer two pillows.  just so you know.

this morning was slow.

slow in a good way, though.

i didn't roll out of bed till around 8, and took my sweet time getting ready.  i made the boys pancakes, and we didn't finish up breakfast until around 9:30.

i had some visitors, a nice lunch.  there wasn't an excessive amount of screaming.  the boys went down for naps without freaking out (tesla) or hitting me (desmond).  no one threw books at me.  i know the current whereabouts of 3 out of 4 sippy cups.

days like this make it possible to make it through the others.  :)

i hope you're having a nice weekend.  make it a relaxing one.

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  1. Ok, so I didn't realize you have a blog. Man, I'm an idiot! Anyway, thank you for your kind words about our baby on the way!! Now I'm off to catch up on your blog...