Wednesday, July 25, 2012

big red

yesterday someone said to me,

"that color looks good on you.  usually people with red hair can't wear orange, but you pull it off."

i was confused at first.  was she talking to me?  for some reason, i still think of myself as a blonde, although i haven't actually been blonde for a few years.

but i'm not blonde right now.  i am, in fact, a redhead!  (well, not really.  but that was the first time i've ever been called one.)

so now i'm going to post a bunch of pictures of myself.  fair warning.

this is a pretty good representation of my natural hair color.  (it turns blonde when i'm in the sun a lot but at this point i'd been living in utah for at least 2 years.)

this is when i started dyeing my hair dark.

(baby tesla!)

and THIS is my hair now!   (i can tell how excited you are.)

it's faded out from when i did this.

let's just acknowledge that my hair does not look that cute here.  and it's not really red, unless i'm in direct sunlight. 

direct sunlight!  a bit redder.  this is probably what inspired the comment.

and my roots!  three months of growth.


and just for fun, here's me with bangs.

(baby desmond!)

the end.

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