Tuesday, July 17, 2012


silas and i have almost nothing in common.  after 4 years and some months of marriage, that's been pretty firmly established.

what's funny is that when we were dating, we were all, "OMG!  we totes like ALL the same things!  we're, like, meant for each other!"

...except neither of us talks like a 14 year-old valley girl.

but, for reals now, i think i could count on one hand the things we have in common.

1.  we have the same children.

2.  we...um, like running.  although i like it in a "run a few times a week" kind of way and he likes it in a "i'm planning on dominating in a 100-mile race one day" kind of way.

so there's that.

3.  we like masterchef!  i knew there was something else.  woe unto us when the season ends.  (but then psych starts, so we're still good.)

4.  ...

i'm seriously drawing a blank here.  let me get back to you.

oh yeah.  very occasionally, we'll like the same song.  like that one night we played "walking with a ghost" 12 times in a row.

one thing we do not have in common is our sense of humor.  basically, silas thinks i don't have one.  i tell him that my sense of humor is just more refined than his.

last week, i was telling him about a movie i saw.

(i'll let you figure out which one is me.)

"and then, of course, he gets a soccer ball to the...well, balls, and the whole theater of 9 year-old boys cracks up.  and there were burping and farting jokes..."

"why is that not funny?  a soccer ball to the nuts is hilarious!"

"it's just not!  i've seen that a million times before, i knew it was coming.  the biggest element of humor is that it has to be unexpected!"

"no, it doesn't.  what about on funniest home videos?  when the kid and the dad are playing baseball..."

"yeah, and you know he's going to get whacked in the crotch or on the head.  i don't think america's funniest home videos is FUNNY."


"what is wrong with you?"

i'm thinking back to the time we watched dumb and dumber together.  i think that was the first time silas began to have serious doubts about our relationship.

just kidding.

but really, now.

what do you think?  do you agree with my belief that true humor involves the unexpected?  

or does my inability to laugh at fart jokes mean i'm dead inside?

note: all of the (completely unrelated) pictures in this post are at least 4 years old.  silas stopped shaving shortly after we got married.

but then again, so did i.


  1. Well, if it means anything, I laugh out loud every time I read your blog, so there's evidence for your sense of humor. And, I feel the same way about commonalities with Agustin and I, except for I can count them on one finger...we live in the same apartment. Haha but that makes it interesting, right??

  2. I loved the previous post! And as for this one, I agree with you that true humor should be subtle.

  3. Well actually, same thing with many marriages :)

  4. true. where would the challenge be if we actually liked the same stuff? ;)

  5. bahahahahahahahahahaha. Don't worry, you guys aren't alone. I think Dumb and Dumber is the DUMBEST movie ever and Ben thinks it (and guys getting their crotches injured) is the most hilarious thing ever too. Maybe it's just a guy thing.